About me

Sharing good books on different genres so people read more!

I like to read.  A lot.  It's not unusual for me to read two books in a long weekend.

I started doing reviews a while ago for my blog on Nonprofit Technology and Social Media.  I also started winning books through Goodreads fairly regularly and reviewing them through there.  Since my interests and sources of books are varied, I decided to start a separate site just for reviews.  For each book, I've tagged it with appropriate keywords so you can easily  select the genres of interest.  Please view the tag cloud for the types of books I've reviewed.

Obviously, no one is the final authority on which book is a good one.  If you are looking for some interesting titles, I hope the books I've reviewed offer some good suggestions.  If you don't like my review, read someone else's.  If you still don't like the reviews you're coming across, consider reading the book anyway.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

Happy Reading!

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