July 21, 2017

Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind By Jennifer Shannon

Comparing our thought process to that of a monkey may feel a little insulting at first. We like to think that we can easily keep our thoughts under control, but the truth is that the comparison to a monkey is actually incredibly relevant.

 In Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind, Jennifer Shannon offers an approach to anxious thoughts - our "monkey minds" - that invite us to be more accepting of our anxiety, rather than working to make it go away. Read my full review on PsychCentral.com

July 15, 2017

The Essential Guide to Prayer by Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets has an incredible ability to speak about prayer in a way that anyone can understand. Whether someone works in prayer ministry and is seeking to increase their knowledge or someone is exploring what prayer is about, The Essential Guide to Prayer is an excellent guide for both.

Many people struggle with why or how to pray. Either they don't know what to say or it seems to be too much of an effort. Sheet notes, “As you spend time with God, you'll begin to think like him, which will allow you to pray according to his heart and will.”  In other words, a meaningful prayer life comes from spending time getting to know God through his word which is scripture.

July 5, 2017

Solitude By Michael Harris

Author Michael Harris does not preach on the importance of solitude  as I tend to do. He backs it up with solid research for each of his arguments. 
Anyone touched by technology – in other words, everyone – would benefit from this book. Read my full review on  PsychCentral.com