May 17, 2011

A conflict of interest by Adam Mitzner

A Conflict of InterestAlex Miller is a criminal defense lawyer with everything going for him.  A successful career.  A loving wife.  A beautiful daughter.  He takes on a family friend as a client, who of course, insists he’s innocent.  Revelations that come out through this case have him wondering what’s really true as he sees his world slowly unravel.

As a first-time author, Mitzner is right up there in the league of John Grisham with his ability to tell an engaging legal tale.  His characters are believable and real.  You can picture them in your mind and care about what happens next.   

One of the best things about a book is the moments where you stop and say “wow”; when you're truly surprised at what the author throws your way and Mitzner definitely did that in his book.  It’s a strong start for a first novel and this is someone I would read again.

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free through FSB Associates

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