May 7, 2011

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Thank You EconomyThe internet is not going away and businesses need to realize the way they do business has changed. The internet has "leveled the playing field". Part of this shift in thinking is how we treat customers. Do we see our on-line customers as important as our off-line customers? Are you inclined to ignore complaints? If so, you're missing out. Vaynerchuck states the best customer is the one who complains because it gives you something to work with.

Vaynerchuk encourages companies to take a chance with social media to stay ahead of the competition and stay in touch with their target audience. People using social media correctly know it is all about conversation. It's much more than pushing out self-centered messaging about your company. When you do put content out there, make sure you are also following up by engaging with your customers or you're missing the point.

Look for ways to build community around your brand. As you engage with your customers, they may self-form into advocates who are speaking positively about you on their social media channels. If you ignore them online, you can't expect them to do anything for you because by ignoring them online, you send a message that their opinion and comments aren't important anyway.

The bottom line is that businesses should take some chances with social media and this is the right book to read for people who are still on the fence. For people who are already using social media, this book will help you get back on track if you've lost your way.

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