August 13, 2011

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your MindYou are what you think.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, we all know that what we think about impacts the way we act and feel.   I doubt anyone can argue with the power of positive thinking.  In “Battlefield of the Mind”, Meyer teaches readers how to change the way they view things.

She doesn’t present herself as someone who’s completely conquered negative thinking; rather, she share personal stories of her past challenges and areas where she continues to struggle.

Meyers uses scripture liberally throughout the book to support her ideas.  Although I appreciate the use of scripture, I personally don’t like the version of scripture she uses.  The Amplified Bible is very descriptive in its interpretation of verses, which is a distraction for me.  It’s certainly not enough to stop reading Meyer’s books, just a personal preference for more straightforward versions, such as the NIV.  

This is a book worth owning because you’ll find yourself reading it over and over again.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free through FaithWords.

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