August 8, 2011

Jesus Niece by Sidni Louise Myles

Chapter 8 Jesus' NieceJesus Niece is a a short, easy-to-read book for all ages.  In it, Myles shares personal stories of family history in a short, almost poetic style.  She also includes a CD with the stories told in her book.  

Each chapter title has a good message, such as “just keep walking”, and “fear in perspective”.  I would have liked to see  a takeaway, or life lesson learned at the end of each short section that wraps up these main themes.  Also, there was a change font sizes which seemed to indicate a new part of this story; my personal preference is to have one font throughout.   

To learn more about Sidni, you can contact her through her web-site.

Note:  I received this book for free from the author.

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