September 14, 2011

Crystal Death by Nate Hendley

Crystal Death: North America's Most Dangerous DrugNate Hendley’s book on methamphetamine use in this country is shocking.  The cover alone is enough to make people think twice before using drugs.  The drastic images show before and after pictures of a woman using meth for only a few years.

Crystal Death” is fact-based and makes a strong case for not using, without lecturing.  The statistics alone are a scare tactic.  Once people read about the environmental hazards of meth labs and the ingredients, such as battery acid (yes, battery acid), I would be surprised if anyone educated about the facts would make a decision to use.

This is a great resource for parents to share with their teens and for schools to use in any health and prevention curriculum.  The reading level is appropriates for teens as well as adults.  Hendley did a solid job researching and presenting a lot of information in just over 100 pages.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher.

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