September 8, 2011

Winning the Customer by Lou Imbriano & Elizabeth King

Winning the Customer: Turn Consumers into Fans and Get Them to Spend MoreYour business and its revenue is about your customers.  Winning the Customer shows you how to turn them into fans in order to increase profits.  Imbriano and King stress the importance of really getting to know them in order to cater to their needs.  

Once you know your customers, you can treat them the way they want to be treated rather than the way you think they should be treated.  Remember, the relationship with your customers is not about you.  Treat them right and you’ll reap the benefits.

To be a person potential customers even want to work with, you must keep your word.  Don’t commit to things, or say yes, when you know it’s probably not something you can do. The product or service you sell is secondary to your reputation.  Never repackage your product or service to sell customers something they don’t need.  You’ll get the sale, but hurt the relationship long term.

Whether you are new to the business world, or a long-time CEO, you’ll learn from Imbriano and King about not only winning customers but also keeping them on your team.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from McGraw-Hill.

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