November 23, 2011

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie (Book giveaway!)

Success is not defined by status and money.  For Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Tom’s Shoes, success is defined by making a difference in the world. Although his company is for-profit, he practices philanthropy by giving away a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold.  

One reason Tom’s Shoes does so well is because they tell a story that reaches people at an emotional level.  Although we frequently forget facts, we tend to remember stories.

You don’t need to follow in his ‘shoes’ and form a brand new company to find your story.  Starting something that matters doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your day job and jumping into a whole new venture.  Simply look around your community for a place to start.  

To get started and find inspiration, read success stories of other people who are working in your field of interest or are simply doing great work .  Anything you do to can help even one person is important.  Change your mindset and simply start by watching out for ways to give.  You can probably do more than you think.

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY: I was lucky enough to be selected in the “Books for Bloggers” program so I have an extra copy of the book to give away.  Here’s what you have to do...   In the comments, tell me of a time that you - or someone in your life - started something that mattered.  I’ll randomly pick someone on December 7th 2011 and will ship the book anywhere in the US at my expense.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I started volunteering in a local school. It's something I wanted to start doing for a while! Brenda

Unknown said...

Well, about two years ago this friend of mine named Tina let the charge in starting a great organization that pairs local volunteer tech folk with non-profits. It is called Palmetto Technology Hub and would not exist without her.

Tina said...

Thanks Michael! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina, you don't have to put me in the drawing. I'm going to go buy the book. The giveaway is a great idea. See you soon. JG

Hobbies on a Budget said...

I started something that really makes a differenc ewhen I became a mom. Raising my 3 kids is hard work but so eternal. Thanks for the giveaway!

Peggy said...

A friend of mine in the Peace Corps started an organic fertilizer project with a local farmers association. I'm helping continue the project and its been successful in promoting a sustainable business and sustainable farming! Thanks for entering me in the giveaway:

Laura BurgandyIce said...

My husband & I start stuff... lots of business ideas. And he's always helping people. This would be a fun book to read to connect the two!!

Laura BurgandyIce said...

Ooops.... I'm at
burgandyice at live dot com


Matthew Smith said...

Great post! I'm also participating in "Books for Bloggers" and I'm trying to check out as many of my peers as possible. If your followers want to check out my giveaway contest, check out:


Tina said...

Burgandy Ice won! I'll follow up for mailing info. If you want another chance, please visit the link above. Another blogger is taking entries through 12/31.

(If you ever need a number generator for a contest, check out That's what I use!)

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