February 23, 2012

Bond girl by Erin Duffy

In a word - hilarious.  I did not expect a fictional account of Wall Street to be so incredibly funny.  Duffy's character, Alex Garrett, has achieved her dream of working on Wall Street.  Every morning, she puts on her high heels and treks off to a good 'ole boys club where she makes an incredible effort to prove herself.   At first, I feared this was going to be some touchy-feely 'girl power' book and fortunately, I was wrong.

Instead, this is a character to whom both men and women can relate.  From the very beginning, when Alex is having an extremely tough time getting out of bed Monday morning, you have a smile on your face because you understand how she feels.  Later in the book, when you learn of some practical jokes among co-workers, chances are good you will laugh out loud.

Relatable.  Realistic.  Likeable.  Three words that summarize Alex Garrett.  Considering the author worked on Wall Street herself, it also felt like I was peeking into her private diary.  An overall great read.

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