May 5, 2012

iDisorder by Larry Rosen

We have the ability to be connected all day, every day, no matter where we are.  In iDisorder, Larry Rosen talks about the increasing number of devices we own and how they relate to common disorders, especially in teens.  We’ve become so dependent on them and the information they push out, that we often miss what’s in front of us.  Using extensive research, especially in psychology, he shows how use of technology has become unhealthy for many people and offers strategies for finding balance.

Rosen offers some interesting stories of people who are completely obsessed with technology.  He also shows how a tech addiction is as harmful as other addictions.  Like alcohol and drug addicts, a tech addict may have financial, job, and relational problems.  People become so absorbed in their device, they neglect these other areas of their lives.  There are practical tips woven throughout the book, such as setting alarms to allow only a certain amount of time online and intentionally scheduling non-internet activities.

The book was much more clinical than I expected, which makes it a good resource for people new to the counseling field.  Throughout the book, there are practical ways to help - which people can apply to themselves or for people around them who have an addiction.

As much as people joke about “crackberries” and sleeping with their phones, iDisorders are very real and have the potential to being very damaging.  This book takes the issue seriously and presents research supported information.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest review.

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