October 8, 2012

Well Said by Darlene Price

Knowing your subject matter doesn’t automatically make you an effective presenter.   In “Well Said”, Darlene Price takes the reader through practical steps for becoming a better speaker for any audience.  She focuses on developing persuasive content, working on delivery style, and presenting in a way that gets results.

Price points out that presentations are about the audience - not you as the speaker.  Make sure you offer a message that solves their problem.  She also talks about the importance of engaging your audience to hold their attention.  The book wraps up with general communication tips such as subject lines to use in emails and how to host a webinar.

When I skimmed the inside jacket, I thought the book was primarily for people making sales presentations.  Although it’s appropriate for people in that occupation, “Well Said” will benefit anyone who needs to speak to an audience, whether it’s a large group in an auditorium or a few people around a conference table.  This book is ideal for those new to the job market, yet would also benefit those who are in an executive level position.

Disclaimer: I received this book from AMACOM books in exchange for an honest review.

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