April 19, 2011

Ringing True by Robert Morrow

Ringing TrueNaturally, I was very excited to win this book through Goodreads. The author also signed it, which told me right away this was a down-to-earth guy.

I know some may see 3 stars as a low rating compared to the other reviews. I did enjoy it - it just happened to be a 3-star book for me. If you're considering it, I encourage you to read other reviews before you make a decision, so here goes...
This is a story of two people (Shelby & Justin) who decided to start their own religion basically by using the internet. I loved the storyline because we live in a crazy internet world and I wanted to see how this worked for the characters.

Dislikes: I didn't believe the relationship between Shelby & Justin especially towards the end. (No, I'm not spoiling anything) I didn't feel they really truly clicked. I also would have like to see more on the marketing techniques & the internet advertising and less on the corporate politics. This goes back to my interest in where the internet is taking us, so quite possibly this was simply a personal bias.

Likes: The whole idea is brilliant. I would not be surprised to see a new religion form online based on someone's idea. In fact, we may be there already. His commentary on our culture was dead-on. And like I said earlier, an author who takes the time to write a note in his books is a cool guy all around.

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