May 30, 2011

Social Nation by Barry Libert

Social media is about relationships, not accounts.  In Social Nation, Libert reminds people of the purpose of these social tools and how to integrate them into the big picture of how your organization operates.  He encourages readers to look for ways to connect authentically, which is key. Many people look to just connect.

Your online presence should also match your offline presence.  We’ve all seen people say something on their social media account that probably would not be said offline.  He suggests social media users always pretend they are offline so their mindset doesn’t change when they’re using Twitter versus talking to someone in person. 

Being social is also about valuing the input of other people.  Use the information you collect from your community and be ready to change based on the input you receive.  Respond to ideas and view outside innovation as a collaborative resource, not a threat.

This book is definitely not about social media tools.  Someone new to social media may want to start with one that gives a 101-overview.  However, once you are using the tools, Libert’s book will help you use them the right way.

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