May 24, 2011

What was God thinking? by Sandy Alemian

Sandy Alemian’s book title is very descriptive of what’s inside.  She writes of her personal conversations with God, as she understands Him.  The book is written by dates, like a journal, rather than in chapters as she presents a back and forth dialogue with God.  A notable quote from her story is "The biggest challenge you have in the human condition, is that you forget that I am with you." ~God  
Sandy and I have a different theological understanding of God and I would not recommend this book to new Christians since it is not based on scripture.  I do however admire Sandy for wanting to learn from her experiences rather than be a victim of them.  She is extremely insightful, pointing out things we know but don’t necessarily pay attention to, such as how our feelings are influenced by our thoughts, rather than by situations. 

Sandy is introspective, self-aware, and has a sincere desire to help other people.  In our fast paced world, she sees the value in simply stopping to breathe.  Although we differ theologically, she is someone I would enjoy meeting and talking with face-to-face.  Through her written words, she comes across as instantly likeable and relatable.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free as a gift from the author.

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