June 16, 2011

6 Secrets to Startup Success by John Bradberry

Thinking of going out on your own?  Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a small business?  Don’t jump in without doing your homework. In Bradberry’s book, he offers tips to people who are interested in a startup.  

Entrepreneurs easily get caught up in their ideas without necessarily knowing the market.  When people become so attached to an idea, their view of reality becomes distorted.  Spending time on something doesn’t mean there’s a need for it.  Before starting a new venture, do your research to evaluate whether there’s really a market for your product or service.  An idea isn’t great until your prospects say it’s great!
Ask yourself why you’re thinking of a startup.  What do you hope to achieve?  What’s your motivation?  One of the best points in his book is the importance of having greater motivation toward something rather than away from something.  You may think you’re escaping from a bad work situation only to find yourself in something worse.

Are you well-read?  Very educated?  Both of those things are great.  More importantly, do you have the actual experience needed for success?  Stop and ask yourself, “What can I do better than most people?

Bradberry doesn’t discourage entrepreneurs.  He just wants people to go beyond emotions and creative ideas to having factual data in hand.  A great way to make sure you are really ready is to go through his “Startup Readiness Tool” at the end of the book and answer the questions.   Reading this is well worth your time before starting a new venture.

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