June 14, 2011

With God all things are possible by Tim Clark

I can’t do it.  I’m too young.  It’s too difficult.  I’m not athletic.  How many times have you heard - or used - an excuse to not reach for a goal?  After reading Tim Clark’s book , you’ll reconsider any excuses you may use to not do something.

Tim was born with only one arm and with no legs.  He wrestled in high school, swam, and ran because he saw no limits.  His stories of growing up will encourage readers.  Although there’s nothing wrong with complaining on occasion or feeling down, those feelings don’t have to rule our lives.  When he wanted to play an instrument, he didn’t let having only one arm stop him.  Tim knew there were limitations to the type of instrument he could use and choose accordingly.

One thing that surprised me in Tim’s book is that he didn’t have stories about being teased in school.  We all know that kids can be mean, so I asked him about that and if it was an issue growing up.  His said, “ I faced very little teasing or anything of that nature growing up even while attending the public schools. I attribute that in part to the advanced prosthetic limb technology today. Prosthetic legs allowed me to fit in and go pretty much unnoticed for many of my years growing up. Maybe God's grace shielded me or maybe the kids in my neighborhood just happened to be really nice.”

Now my criticism.  I am not a sports fan and there were a lot of references to different players and teams.  Readers who are also athletes will clearly love those parts, but I did admittedly skim some of those sections.  However, I did read his personal experience with athletics carefully and took a few minutes to watch a video on YouTube of him competing in a freestyle swim.  His life experience will inspire and amaze you.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author.

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