November 9, 2011

Under the Neon Sky by Jay Rankin

I'm one of the few people who enjoys Las Vegas, but doesn't gamble.  I admit - I get a kick out of the gaudiness of the hotels and have seen some great shows there.  So when I had the opportunity to read "Under the Neon Sky" as part of NURTURE's Virtual BOOK Tourz, I jumped on it.

In it, Jay shares his experience working as a doorman for MGM Grand. He talks about the highs and lows of his job.  Although the money was incredible some nights, he made a decision to finally get out after six years.  

I personally admire anyone with the motivation and dedication to write a book and Jay shares the best advice he received while writing....

"Some advice was given and some knowledge was learned. There is no one piece of advice but there is a vast amount of knowledge and a tidal wave of wisdom to be learned. Going through the process and not quitting is the most important thing. As a writer I had to learn to be alone, learn how to write, learn what good editing can really accomplish, become an expert in my field. Then I had to learn how to publish, how to create a real book, and how to market not just the book but myself. Other than living my story, I didn’t know anything at the beginning. I think being in no rush and re-writing is of absolute importance. As each new day began, although my head was blank, I would walk to my desk and read some of what I had written. That was all my brain needed to jump in. Learning to be honest is critical to good writing. So I think the bottom line is to stay steady, be persistent, have faith in yourself and know that win or lose, you are doing something that no one will ever take away from you, that this will be a wonderful accomplishment."

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