October 31, 2011

Clients, Clients, and More Clients by Larina Kase

Your ability to get clients depends on your ability to connect.   In Clients, Clients, and More Clients, Larina Kase talks about this process.   Connections will only form if you are willing to make time for them.  When you’re connecting with someone, be able to clearly explain what it is you do and who you are.   

When you have the opportunity to talk about your work, you need to first make sure you really understand your service (or product).  Know what’s different about it and keep it simple.  If you offer a confusing array of choices to a prospect, they’re not likely to choose anything.

However, don’t go into a situation with the mindset of only wondering what people can do for you and spending the time talking only about your needs. Rather, focus first on what you can do for others.  It makes it much easier for you to connect and takes the pressure off needing to say the ‘right thing’.

As you attend the appropriate networking events, take time afterwards to track what you do.  Who did you meet?  What do they need?  Writing it down in some kind of system helps you remember people’s preferences so you can either work with them later or refer them out to the right person.  It’s also a critical step for following up.  Meeting people is only the beginning.  If you don’t keep in contact regularly, they have no reason to remember you.

For consultants or entrepreneurs, finding clients can definitely be stressful.  However, if you think in terms of connections, rather than clients, the process can be easier.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from McGraw-Hill in exchange for a review.

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