March 27, 2012

Making Good by Billy Parish & Dev Aujla

Parish and Aujla are young entrepreneurs with a passion for “Making Good”.   They share personal stories of the journey they took in finding a way to give back. Writing in a spirit of encouragement, they tell readers that anything they do can make a difference.  I agree with their point that each day we make a choice to show up and we’re offered a new chance to start over.    

The book gives extensive information about their backgrounds before explaining their six steps for Making Good which are Reflect, Adapt, Connect, Design, Launch, and Organize.  Some of the steps, such as how to recognize a problem may seem basic to people already introspective about their career goals, but it may help others organize their thought process.  It  is probably especially useful for people feeling so overwhelmed with choices that they don’t know where to start.

 One of the best questions in the book they encourage us to ask ourselves is “How closely does how I actually spend my time fit to how I’d like to spend it?”  That exercise alone can teach us a lot about where we’re headed.  To keep from wasting more time than we already do, they also suggest asking yourself why you do certain actions.  What is the purpose?  Why are you doing it?  What is the expected outcome?

It’s not clear who the intended audience is for the book - whether it’s new grads or career changers.  Also, the book had some choppy sections and moved back and forth on personal career development and social change.   However, the authors definitely have had some great experienes in their lives they shared with readers and the message of finding something to do that you love is clearly important regardless of where one is their career path. I admire their accomplishments, ambition, and desire to see others “making good”.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Rodale in exchange for an honest review.

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