March 31, 2012

Every Day a Friday Journal by Joel Osteen

I have mixed feelings about Joel Osteen.  He is criticized for preaching a “prosperity gospel” and occasionally his messages do come across that way.  Other times I think he’s biblically sound and offers great points.   He’s also had critics who say he smiles too much which is actually amusing to me.  (I mentioned this in my review of his book with the same title).

The Every Day a Friday journal naturally is meant to be read with his book of the same name. Both are about how to be happy regardless of circumstances.  The journal is divided into seven separate sections: Don't Give Away Your Power, Know What to Ignore, Live Without Crutches, Travel Light, Laugh Often, Be a Dream Releaser and Celebrate Yourself.

The Journal reads like a daily devotional and offers some good takeaways with a short ‘key truth’ at the beginning of each chapter.   Each day has a couple pages of text with a section called “Consider This” .  This is followed by another paragraph, some room for writing, a quote, and additional blank space.  The end of each day has a few scriptures, “A Prayer for Today”, more room for writing, another quote, and then space for notes before ending with a Takeaway Truth.

I find it easier to follow a devotional with questions and a clear outline of a chapter.  With the broken up sections of this journal, I really wasn’t quite sure how to use it and expected to have prompts for further reflection with each section.  
It’s very repetitive of the book, with a lot of the same stories described again.  Whether you like the man or not, he offers a lot of wisdom and food for thought in his book of the same name, but I would pass on the journal.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Faith Words Books in exchange for an honest review.

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