April 6, 2012

Great Day Every Day by Max Lucado

Sometimes the daily grind can wear on the best of us.  We are worn out by commitments, demands on our time, and trials.  In “Great Day Every Day”, Lucado teaches us to find purpose in every single day - even the bad ones.

His book is divided into three sections: “Saturate Your Day in His Grace”, “Entrust Your Day to His Oversight”, and “Accept His Direction”.  It also includes a Discussion Guide, with thought-provoking questions to work through as a group or for personal study.  

After the discussion guide, there’s “A Thirty-Day Journey”, with one page “day changers” that mirror the sections of the book.  It makes for an easy 15-minute a day (or more) devotional with a simple action step at the end of each day, such as “Pinpoint at least one way that you need to turn toward God today” or “Write down at least two of your roles that sometimes feel insignificant.  Then note one way that each of these roles serves God”.

I am a fan of Max Lucado so I started the book with a bias of expecting it to be great and was glad it met my expectations.  He writes at a level that works for new Christians as well as those who’ve been Christians their whole lives.  He’s easy to understand without being simplistic and includes a liberal use of scripture in his writing.  This a book to own rather than borrow and one to read with a highlighter in hand.  I highly recommend it and know that I will be reading it more than once.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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