August 4, 2012

One Big Thing by Phil Cooke

Where do you stand out against everyone else in this world?  What do you do differently?  In “One Big Thing”, Phil Cooke sets out to help readers answer these questions.

Focus and intentionality are the main themes in this book and Cooke encourages the reader to discover what they do best through these disciplines.  Although he agrees it’s okay to find yourself in different careers through life, he believes we should really work to discover the ONE big thing that put us on the earth.

I bristled a bit at his comments warning those who are doing many things.  Since I have various interests, I have explored different careers. However, he acknowledges right away that it’s important to be diverse and involved in various activities but we should still have one overarching purpose.  He believes the process of learning and exploring different interests can help us get to our one big thing.

He also talks about influence, what it truly means, and how we can use it to  establish credibility once we establish our one big thing. Throughout the book, he presents practical questions that may help readers on their journey

His audience seems to be business people - both Christian and secular.  In fact, the book does not have a strong Christian perspective so it will appeal to non-believers.  Those looking for a strong faith-based guide will be disappointed.  Although it was a good book, Jolt, also by Cooke offered more practical steps about discovering what’s next.

Disclaimer: I received this book from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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