September 3, 2012

The Lean by Kathy Freston

I was already a fan of Kathy Freston after reading Veganist so I was definitely looking forward to what she had to say in “The Lean”.   In The Lean, she offers a tip a day for 30 days.  Every tip is doable so it’s not overwhelming to people who need a full overhaul of their lifestyle.  The tips include drinking water, using flax, taking vitamins, and cutting down on oil.  Each tip is only a few pages long and full of encouragement.  The end of the book offers recipes for putting these tips into practice.

Although some tips in the  book are common sense - such as drinking water - she offers a rationale for each tip and it serves as a good reminder to do things we know we should be doing but may occasionally slack on.  She also offers a whole body mindset, including the importance of mental health and taking time for yourself as an approach to a balanced lifestyle.  

The recipes in the appendix are a practical help to getting started with a new food plan - especially when there were only a few ingredients.   But others, such as the Fantastic Fajita Salad will never happen in my household due to the 20 ingredients required.  The thing I love about her style is that being healthy is never about dieting. Whether you have the worst eating habits in the world or are just seeking a few tweaks, you’ll find something in the book you can use to change your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I received this book from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest review.

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