November 23, 2012

21 Ways to Create a Sales Stampede on the Internet by Jason "Wally" Waldron

Internet marketing is booming and many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the possibilities available online.  In “21 Ways...”, Waldron does exactly that by offering tips on using online tools available to increase sales.

He provides strategies for driving traffic to your web-site and tips for the content your website should contain.  Beyond that, he gives general business advice about appealing to emotions and the importance of setting yourself apart from the competition.

And he’s just likable.  That was my initial impression when he approached me to review his book and that impression was confirmed by his writing style.  With his wealth of knowledge, he never comes across as arrogant or with the tone that his way is the only way.

Whether you are a seasoned business professional or an expert on internet marketing, you’ll find practical suggestions and at least one new idea you can start applying today. Although the technology tools will change over time, the general best practices will not.  It’s good reference material to have on hand.

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