December 7, 2012

Bold as Love by Bob Roberts Jr.

Negative attitudes expressed by some Christians towards people of other faiths are inconsistent with a message of love.  Not liking unbelievers is not an option for someone committed to serving in the name of Jesus. Christians need to get past any feelings of hate - and tolerance - in order to truly love others.  If they don’t connect with these groups to represent Jesus, there’s no chance of a relationship forming.  

Working from the above premise, Roberts makes a good case for having multi-faith events.  He acknowledges critics of this approach and makes it clear that these type of events are not ones that say all roads lead to the same God.  Although the book does have some points about his Christian belief system, it’s more about his personal journey, the clearer understanding he has of Christianity due to his beliefs being challenged, and the valuable relationships he developed with people much different than he.  He boldly encourages other Christians to get out there and connect with unbelievers without an ulterior motive.  Only then is there an opportunity to engage in religious dialogue.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.

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