August 3, 2013

Feed the Startup Beast by Drew Williams and Jonathan Verney

Whether you have a brand new business or are looking to grow your current one, you are
always marketing.  In “Feed the Startup Beast”, Williams and Verney start out with an emphasis on how you treat your customers, make the most of resources, get found online, and continue to grow.

They include a section on internet marketing and the need for a solid search strategy with high value content.  After touching on organic search, they talk about PPC and how ads need a narrow focus and relevant keywords to be successful. This is a must read for anyone who doesn't have an internet strategy.

Overall though, small business owners may be overwhelmed by the number of steps in this book.  As the owner of a small business myself, many suggestions are out of reach for me at the moment.  It’s best for companies that are already established or start ups who have a very strong team behind them.  It wasn’t a bad book.  A title like “Growing your mid-size business” -- although not an exciting title -- would better reflect the content.  It’s a book I’ll probably pass on to people who are further along in their business than I am.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from McGraw Hill in exchange for an honest review.

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