August 24, 2013

Do It Marketing by David Newman

You can have a great product or provide fantastic service but no one will know if you don’t market yourself.  And you don’t need a degree in marketing or an MBA to do it right.  In Do It! Marketing, Newman gets real about what it takes to promote yourself without using complicated theories or overthinking it.

Some key points: Understand what you can offer before you talk to prospects, find prospects that are right for you, and don't be afraid to walk away from bad referrals. Spend time on valuable networking opportunities and give away your knowledge.

My only “criticism” is the format of the book which constantly changed font color and was broken up by a lot of side comments which I found distracting.  However, this of course would appeal to people who aren’t big readers.  You can do an easy skim to get what you need and it’s not a criticism of his writing style.  He’s very easy to understand and has a sense of humor.  The 21-day plan at the book is a key takeaway and realistic starting point for anyone who doesn’t know where to begin.   Whatever your marketing knowledge, this book is worth your time.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from AMA in exchange for an honest review.

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