March 3, 2014

The Trust Edge by David Horsager

Successful businesses are trusted business.  Success rarely comes to a business unless trust is also present.  David Horsager discusses 8 Pillars of Trust that once implemented by a company, will improve relationships with employees and increase overall revenue.  Throughout The Trust Edge, he provides examples of how trust and the lack of it have impacted businesses’ bottom lines.  Trust is essentially the most valued currency in today’s market.  

Building trust results in good business.  Without it, companies will lose sales as consumers will not want to do business with them.  Internally, not having trust among employees results in longer time periods to achieve goals, at a great expense, and with a decrease in employee loyalty.  On the flip side, overall morale and productivity will increase when there is a trust relationship and more creativity will be seen in the work environment as a result.

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