June 21, 2014

Prospect the Sandler Way by John Rosso

Have you ever had a prospective client enter the “Witness Protection Program”? They’re very interested in your product or service and tell you they’ll “think it over” and let’s “follow up” on Monday.  These can be warning signs that you’ll not only never hear from them again, but there’s no chance of them being available when you call.  If you’re smiling a bit because this has happened to you - or you’ve been that prospect! - it’s time to read John’s book, “Prospect the Sandler Way

In it, he provides very clear principles for a different approach to lead development that depends on sincere rapport and disarming honesty. Through it, he offers great advice on changes to make with our approach and viewing who we are apart from our role as a salesperson.  

During the sales process, you need to be true to yourself and recognize that not every meeting is going to lead to a sale.  What’s refreshing is learning how to do everything that’s within your control to do and letting the rest of it go.  If you are a full-time salesperson, or if you have to do this work occasionally as part of your work role, you’ll find some very doable tips in here rather than reading yet one more book on theory you’ll never use.

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