July 26, 2014

Greater by Steven Furtick

In “Greater”, Steven Furtick speaks to Christians about finding satisfaction in their Christian lives, rather than just “settling” for where they are now.  His main message is to recognize that whatever God calls us to is the greatest thing we can be doing. If we obey God, He will lead us to even more opportunities to do great things. Furtick also talks about using our gifts and doing what we are uniquely created to do rather than comparing our abilities to what others can do.

I was really excited about receiving this book to review from Blogging for Books.  Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.  Christians who have done a lot of reading about finding your purpose may not find the book very helpful since it seems to be written at a more introductory level.  

Also, people who like guidelines about what to do next will be disappointed to not find solid suggestions for what to do next.  Although trusting God is solid advice, sometimes we need clearer steps on what else to do in our role.  A new Christian or someone who’s feeling bored with their day to day life may find it encouraging even though it doesn’t offer a specific action plan.  

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