August 13, 2014

Designing Bead & Wire Jewelry by Renata Graham

This is a well designed book for beginners and is just as useful for people who have been beading for a while.  Graham starts with the basics on how you can work with color to create pieces.  She then offers a comprehensive section on the types of beads and materials for stringing.  The third section is on other materials needed to finish a piece, such as clasps.  Finally, she offers a number of projects for people who are ready to start creating.  

Each project includes a list of needed materials and shows the number of steps, which range from 6 to 20, depending on the complexity.   Each step is explained well with a corresponding image to follow along.  There are a lot of full color illustrations throughout the book which make it enjoyable to simply page through.  I recommend this to anyone who loves beading, regardless of their experience level.

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