September 1, 2014

Next Step by Timothy K. Lynn

Next Step quite simply is a guidebook to help people navigate through life and put faith into action.  The author focuses on four areas: faith, self, family, and life’s work, providing tools to help readers evaluate what each of these areas look like for them.

People familiar with Covey’s work will see some influence in this writing. It also pulls from principles in other books about defining our life purpose.  The key difference in Lynn’s writing from other popular ones is the focus on where God fits in each of these areas.

Since this is  a workbook, it may not be the best fit for people who are new to the idea of “life planning”.  They may want to first start with a book that can better help them think through areas of their lives.  However, for people who do not enjoy reading, they may prefer to read something like this with a short section on each principle before doing the “homework”.

Readers who have already contemplated about how they want their life to look and are ready to do the hard introspective work will find this workbook helpful.  As a guided journal, it assumes people will spend more time on reflection and prayer than reading since the book is about developing a plan rather than absorbing extensive content.

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