October 2, 2014

Your life with Christ (DVD and study guide) by Rebecca Manley Pippert

Pippert’s DVD and study guide offers five sessions on what it means to be someone who follows Christ.  Her topics include evidence for the resurrection, what the good news is about, deciding whether being a Christian is worth it, what it means to make a commitment, and what a new life in Christ looks like.

The video sessions are 15 minute talks by Pippert.  People who want flashy presentations will be disappointed; however, those who appreciate simple messages presented by a single person (the author) would enjoy these.  During her presentations, a scripture verse or other phrase will appear briefly on the screen to support what she’s saying.  Normally, I would appreciate that that, but unfortunately the words are small and are in white font on a light background so it is difficult to see which is my one criticism about the DVD.

Her study guide is easy to follow.  It starts with a scripture passage and provides historical context for people unfamiliar with the relevant scripture.  It then follows with questions to think about on a specific passage.  Pippert encourages the reader to reflect on what was learned and how to applies it to really life.  The guide works well to study alone or with a group and does not require use of the DVD.  It is well suited to people who are exploring Christianity or who have doubts about their faith.

Note:  I received this material for free from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

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