October 7, 2014

Experience the Impossible by Bill Johnson

Difficulties in life are to be expected.  Sometimes in life, we are so weighed down by them and don’t know what to do.  In Johnson’s book, he speaks about the power of the Holy Spirit available to believers in difficult times, with a focus on the gifts of faith, hope and love mentioned in I Corinthians.  The book has 70 short chapters, each of which focus on one of these gifts.  After a short reading, he suggest a prayer and confession for the reader.

Christians who want a devotional or prefer books that offer short self contained ideas will appreciate the book.  Those who prefer a heavier book with in depth content may not like the transition between the gifts every few pages.

Johnson’s book is scriptural sound with biblically-based ideas.  His writing style is clear without a lot of “Christian speak” so non-Christians and people from other faiths (or no faith) can understand his meaning.  His overall message is one of encouragement.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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